To our tenants and partners,

At Nessel Development, we pride ourselves on being innovators in the real estate world. Our core values of environmental sustainability and how we can use it to build a better world are at the heart of everything we do.

Building a better world includes working to build a world with justice and equality for all people.

Our company, as a whole and each as individuals, believe in humanity; regardless of race, religion, gender, age, who one chooses to love and any other opportunity to be our most complete and authentic self.  We serve our team members, tenants, and our community by simply trying to leave the world a better place, every day. 

The death of George Floyd brings to light our so deeply entrenched underlying issues with discrimination, inequality, and systemic racism.  It shows us how much more we need to learn and how much progress is required to right our ship.  

We have been called to action. 

We vow to work harder.  To listen.  To seek to understand.  And to take positive action to encourage kindness and create a better world. We believe it is possible to break down the systems that oppress others, and we commit to doing that work on ourselves and in our communities.

Please visit the website of our affiliate non-profit organization, The Pollination Project, to learn more about how we are working to do good in the world:

Our deepest condolences go out to George Floyd’s family and all the people that have come before him. We will not forget.

-The team at Nessel Development