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Nessel Development aims to reconcile our desire to bring more compassion and consciousness to this world with our efforts to create a successful and unique apartment living experience. Running a profitable and successful business is often about greed and frequently involves dishonesty and selfishness. Additionaly in the apartment industry, it more often than not involves the destruction of the environment.

In time, we have come to realize that our communities do not have to conform to the old way of doing business and we can in fact affect change in our community. Through efforts to increase the energy efficiency of our properties and extend their useful lives, we help create housing which is much more environmentally sustainable.

By offering yoga classes, after school programs for children and installing bird feeders, hammocks, water fountains, sculptures, fire-pits and bark parks, Nessel Development endeavors to create a sanctuary of peace for our Residents in a high-stress world. We endeavor to be generous with the fruits of our labor by making significant donations to charities that promote living that is compassionate, peaceful and environmentally sustainable.

Now we want to offer our residents and our community the chance to feel as good as we do about what we are doing! Live Generously is a program designed to let anyone, especially our residents have the opportunity to donate a little of our money to a charity they want to see succeed. Each Token is worth $1 and when a charity is full, their total donation will be sent from our corporate office directly to the charity. Then we'll find a new charity and keep on giving.

Live Generously

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