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Historically our industry has been a dinosaur in marketing. Owners relied on a good product, in a strong location with happy residents to fill their properties. More and more, those qualities are insufficient, especially when it comes to repositioning an asset that had a bad reputation and lies in a transitioning neighborhood. ND excels at determining the best renter to fill each property and creating a consistent marketing platform to reach them. We use all available tools to reach them, including, Facebook, Blogs, property website, ILSs, rental books, brochures, postcards, push marketing, videos, Craigslist, and more. On the ground we work with local schools, employers and vendors, attend local events and participate in community outreach to build name recognition and referrals. Best of all, we do most of this through our corporate offices, so the property staff can focus their efforts on leasing and creating a favorable move-in and living experience. Property signage, which often includes neon lights, color LED lights and murals, is an up-front investment that keeps on giving long after its installed (and improves the curb appeal).

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